Guide for Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Posted by Admin on 6/23/2019 to Guide for Porcelain tiles
Guide for Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Are you having your house constructed? Or are you having your existing home renovated? Whatever it is the one thing which we are most concerned while constructing or having our homes or office space constructed or renovated is the bathroom. The bathroom is the one place where all of us spend some time each day. When it comes to the bathroom the flooring chosen is, of course, an important decision. You not only have to consider the looks but also some whether it is safe, and also can be cleaned and maintained easily.

Major options available for Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is one of the most common types of bathroom flooring tiles which are used in most homes. The main reason for this is that it costs less is very user-friendly as it is easy to clean and maintain. So whether it is in terms of safety, comfort or durability thus is a top choice on all fronts for all types of bathrooms and thus also the one which is also widely used across homes, offices and at different commercial locations as well.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

When it comes to looks or what reflects great tastes or even in terms of wood-lookalikes there is hardly any match for the ceramic or porcelain tiles. Much like the vinyl tiles ceramic and porcelain tiles also score in terms of maintenance as well. However, one drawback which some might complain of is that they may not be as comfortable as well. In terms of installation compared against the vinyl tiles, these may not be as easy to install. Some high-grade ceramic tiles are protected against scratch. But these types of tiles cost higher.

Glass Tiles

When it comes to aesthetics there is hardly any comparison with glass tiles. If you are to cover a part of the bathroom floors with a then it creates a great effect with regard to the illusion of depth. Though some glass bathroom tiles may be a bit slippery there are certain textured glass tiles which when installed properly helps to prevent slips. But durability can be a big concern with glass tiles for bathroom flooring.

Stone Tiles

It is true that the stone tiles which are usually made from limestone, marble, granite, and slates were usually mainly used at the foyers in the past. However, in recent times, their use has spread across various places which include the bathrooms as well. In terms of durability, the stone tiles are one of the hardest. However, in terms of maintenance, they require regular cleaning. The other drawback of using stone tiles as bathroom floors is that they are costlier than similar looking ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Plastic Laminate Tiles

The Plastic Laminate tiles are another option which you could have in terms of bathroom flooring. This is great for if you are remodeling your bathroom. These are also tiles which durable and also easy to clean.