Eco friendly flooring options for your Adobe

Posted by Admin on 5/2/2019 to Flooring Guide
Eco friendly flooring options for your Adobe

There is always a natural charm when it comes to using natural floor tiles for your home floors. They are robust, practical, hard-wearing, hygienic and suited to complement any given room decor.

More Detailed Look into the Perks of Natural Tile Floors

  • Natural stone is low maintenance and helps keep the climate relatively cooler to other flooring options, especially if you reside in a warm country. To clean it; you can use a regular soft brush and a clean moping cloth to remove all accumulated dust and debris from the floor surface.
  • All natural stone tile pieces are different from one another. When sorting out your options; you will find that each stone comes with a different yet unique veining, colouring and natural characteristics. And this allows you to achieve a timeless floor covering.
  • For underfloor heating, natural stones prove to be a top option as they are good conductors of heat.
  • As for its hygienic element, natural tile floors do not store pet hair, human skin flakes or other impurities. Hence, that again makes the floors very easy to clean, brush or maintain.
  • Each of these reasons makes it clear why natural stone is such a predominant choice for both residential and commercial flooring needs.

Top Picks For Your Flooring Needs

But the confusion always lies in which natural stone option to go for. You will get a wide variety of options such as Marble, Slate, Granite Tile, Onyx, Limestone And Travertine tiles. For your stylish natural stone flooring option, here are top picks that you can use.

Do follow attentively!

Marble Tiles:
  • Calacatta Chiara Marble Tiles
  • Rain Forest Green Marble Tiles
  • Natural Dark Green Marble Tiles (Verde Guatemala)
  • Bianco Carrara CD Marble Tiles
  • Emperador Dark Marble Floor Tiles
Slate Tiles:
Granite Tiles:
  • Blue Pearl Granite Tile
  • Verde Butterfly Granite Tile
  • Imperial Red Granite Tile
  • Giallo California Granite Tile
  • Sapphire Blue Granite Tile
Onyx Tiles:
  • Honey Onyx Tiles
  • Honey Onyx Tumbled Mosaic Tiles
  • Multi-green Onyx Tile
  • Mix Honey Onyx & Marble Tumbled Mosaic
Travertine Tiles:
  • Antique Gold Travertine Tile
  • Yurac Honed Travertine Tile
  • Mayan Gold Travertine Tile
  • Rumi Polished Travertine Tile
  • Noce Travertine Tile
Limestone Tiles:
  • Yellow Dream Limestone Honed Tile
  • Jerusalem Ramon Gold Limestone Tile
  • Dore Royale Limestone Tile
  • Sea Grass Honed Limestone Tile
  • Halila Limestone Tile
Capping Off:

Each of these options will be available at budget-friendly rates and on installation will add a new sophistication to your interior space floors.

Now that all these options are known to you, the crucial thing is to pick a reliable supplier to make your purchase. You can type in quality ‘marble tile supplier near me’ in your preferred search engine and pick the company based on their customer satisfaction, their natural flooring rates and also the number of years they have been in this line of work.

It is the only way to accomplish your quality natural floor options tailored to meet your design requirements and your budget.