Easy & Effective Care Guide for Bathroom Slate Floor Tiles

Posted by Admin on 3/30/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Easy & Effective Care Guide for Bathroom Slate Floor Tiles
Ever Wondered What Makes Slate Floor Tiles So Popular?

There are probably a dozen reasons, but the one which stands out is its natural beauty and aesthetic sheen.

Look around, and you will find a plethora of wonderful Slate tile options available for sale. Popular colour variants of slate tiles which can complement the existing look of bathrooms regardless of its shape, size or dimension are as follows:

  Brazilian Black Honed Slate Tiles 
•  Brazilian Jade Green Cleft Slate Tiles
  Brazilian multicolour Cleft Slate Tiles
  Burgundy Cleft Slate Tiles 

And each of these quality bathroom floor tiles comes in 12”x12”, 18”x18” and even 24”x24” at cost-convenient rates for all types of buyers. Furthermore, these tiles are quality tested for its durability and water resistance. For your looming bathroom renovation project, these are definitely investment-worthy options to go for.

Maintenance Is Also Important..!

Most of these natural slate tiles can last a long time; however, your responsibility as a homeowner doesn’t end with the installation. You need to ensure these tiles are properly taken care of to look good for decades.

  You need to sweep the tiled surface every day, especially during the initial few months after the installation. These tiles could go through something called spalling – small sharps flaking off the surface. However no need to worry, as this issue will diminish once the tiles have settled down properly.

You can use a gentle mop and a natural cleaning solution containing lemon and vinegar (preferably with pH neutral) to wipe off whatever dust and debris settles over the floor surface.

•  You also need to think about its sealing (a common requirement when flooring with natural stones) to avoid staining, scratching and improving its water repellent qualities. However, this is only needed once a year, and so it won’t be too much of an issue.

  Another wonderful slate tile maintenance trick to try out is making a poultice with hydrogen peroxide and flour. Just spread it uniformly over the stain and let it settle down overnight. Do cover it up using a plastic sheet.

Then remove the plastic cover and the poultice using a gentle scraper. That being said; you need to wipe it more than once to get it off the surface.

Finding the Right Slate Tile Supplier in Your Area…

With so many slate tile suppliers around, it can be difficult to find one that trustworthy- but, of course; not impossible!
  • Must check the Company Profile.
  • See the number of years they have been in this field of work.
  • Check their slate tile collection along with its price.
  • Check their customer feedback, particularly if someone recently bought slate tiles for a bathroom renovation. Their word-of-advice will prove immensely helpful in deciding whether the supplier is a good one or not.

Last Words…

Hopefully, these aspects will help you find a trusted supplier providing slate tile for bathroom flooring needs. And once you have found your tile and installed it, follow the aforementioned maintenance tips to keep them looking spic and span for years and years.