Different Types of Tile and Applications for Flooring Option

Posted by Soren on 1/13/2019
Different Types of Tile and Applications for Flooring Option

Tiles are always a better flooring option for any residential or commercial property but all have specific application which you need to know before flooring your properties. Like Travertine tile is better for kitchen and bathroom flooring due to its rough surface, Again Porcelain tiles are best for swimming pool etc.

So before going to purchase tiles you first need to define your purpose and then choose tiles which shoot your purpose. We as a long runner on this track always guide our customer to choose a better tiles as per his/her requirement. Here I am sharing list of tiles and its functionality order by.

Marble Tile

Marble tiles is an ideal choice for room flooring of any residential and commercial property. Marble Tile is known for its elegance and beauty. Marble tiles feature include high durability, hardness, easy of cleaning, sleek shine and elegance. It's no wonder marble is considered the King of the natural stones. Marble flooring brings luxury to any homes interior. Different types of Marble tile give an extra option to choose for flooring option.

Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is the best for in kitchens, ceilings and outdoors flooring work because its surface is rough compare to other tile so it is less chance to slipping on it. Again Travertine is very simple to clean so designer always choose Travertine compare to Marble tile for Kitchen and outdoor flooring work. Travertine is a visibly porous, pocked surface which gives it a truly distinctive texture.

Slate Tile

Slate Tile is slip-resistant in nature compare to other tiles even when wet or greasy. It is an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and around the pool. It is durable and available in multi-color option like blue/grey, green, red, orange, or brown. Slate tile is also affordable in price.

Granite Tile

Granite is a premium quality of stone and it is popular flooring choice due to its overall resiliency, strength, and durability. Its natural strength acid, stain, and scratch resistant property makes it the builder’s favorite.Granite tile mostly used for Kitchen or high traffic area. Granite is a type of igneous rock that is very dense and hard.

Limestone Tile

Limestone tile is an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom floors. Limestone tiles are one of the best cheaper alternatives of Granite which come in an array of colours and finishes, in contrary of what many people think. limestone tile is an extremely alluring, well rounded and affordable natural stone flooring materials available for homeowners.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are durable and high resistant capacity so it is the primary choice for swimming pool flooring. Because of higher density Porcelain tiles are heavier in weight and more costly compare to other tiles. You may use this tile for bathroom also.

Onyx Tile

Onyx tile is an ideal decorative option for Kitchen, Bathroom and even for Bedroom. It is softer than other natural stone tile so it is not good for outdoor flooring option. It is always used for indoor flooring application.Due to semi-transparent or translucent characteristics it gives extraordinary look.


Few silent features of all natural tiles are not easy to describe in word so visit or store and call MarbleWarehose.com and know the feature of all natural stone or buy natural stone from our Store.