Difference between polished and unpolished marble floor tile

Posted by Admin on 9/7/2020 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Difference between polished and unpolished marble floor tile
As the name itself suggests, polished marble tiles come with a smooth and shiny surface finish. They consist of striking grain patterns and creamy colours and are popularly used to create elegant floors, counter tops, walls, stairways and lots of other home decoration features. However, polished marble tiles can often get slick and slippery when wet. This makes them an unsuitable choice for bathroom and kitchen walls and floorings. Plus, polished marble tiles require lots of maintenance to keep it looking nice and shiny always. 

Unpolished marble tiles also known as honed marble tiles undergo polishing to a much lesser degree. Hence forth, they may lack in its surface shine. That being said, unpolished or honed marble tiles are perfect for wet rooms or areas of the house which experience lots of foot traffic. The rougher/unpolished surface provides better traction. Still, as the owner, it is important to refinish it every 12-months with a trusted stone sealer that’s made of marble.
Both polished and unpolished marble tiles have their own degree of importance be it in a house renovation, remodelling or reconstruction. And that’s why it would be fair to use both of them appropriately.

Advantage of Polished Marble Tiles

  • Compare to unpolished marble, Polished marbles are highly durable.
  • Both polished and unpolished marbles are hard in nature.
  • Compare to unpolished marble, Polished marbles are easy to clean.
  • As polished marbles are highly durable so it increased home value.
  • Polished marble flooring automatically brings with it an elegant and high-class look that appeals to home buyers. It thereby increases a home ’s resale value also.

Disadvantage of Polished marble tiles

  • Polished marbles are slippery in Nature so it increase the accident rate.
  • It is not shoot for bathroom floor
  • High maintenance and installation cost   

Where to buy polished marble tiles ?

If you are looking for polished marble tiles for your next project then follows these those key aspects when sorting out for best-in-class polished marble tiles for flooring your homes. Use them when sorting out your options and always make your purchase from a notable tile supplier nearest to your location

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