Burgundy Slate for Flooring Work

Posted by Admin on 8/24/2019 to Guide for Slate Slab
Burgundy Slate for Flooring Work

Burgundy is the integration of dark red or purple, or a dark red-ish purple and Burgundy slate is the stone of Burgundy color. Burgundy color names come from Burgundy wine. Burgundy slate is the best slate and famous in Brazile. To give true value to your kitchen, bathroom or floor then Burgundy Slate slab or tile will help you out. It gives you a luxurious feel and distinctive look to your floor.

So if you are looking for then Marblewarehouse is the best place for it. We offer multi-option of Burgundy Slate tile or slab in different shapes and size. We directly import it from Brazile and you know Brazilian slate is famous for quality. We provide free shipping for local and nationwide customers. Call our help desk to know more.

Where you can place Burgundy slate tiles

  • Kitchens flooring
  • Bathrooms flooring
  • Utilities
  • Hall way flooring
  • Wall flooring