Better placement of Black Marble Slab and Tiles in your home or flat

Posted by Admin on 2/21/2021 to Guide for Marble Slab
Better placement of Black Marble Slab and Tiles in your home or flat
Marbles – a name of glory and prestige. When you use marbles for decorating your home, it makes your home glorious and prestigious. But when you choose your marbles’ color wisely, such as black, it enhances the glory and elegance of your home. 
Black marble is highly popular nowadays. The natural veins are more prominent and spectacular on dark background. Different types of stripes on black marbles improves its elegance. Hence, black marbles are widely used for decorating homes as well as hotels, resorts, farmhouses, etc. 

Where to use black marble slab or tiles in your home   

There’re certain places in your home where you can install black marble slabs or tiles that look crazy. 

In Kitchens 

Black marbles can increase the beauty of kitchens. Black marbles can be used in any type of kitchens including minimalist kitchen, contemporary kitchen, farmhouse kitchen, traditional kitchen, and modern kitchen. If you think black marbles are costly for you, you can install black marble tiles instead of real black marbles to reduce your expenses. 

In kitchens, you can install black marbles or tiles in several ways – 
  • Backsplash – Black marbles can be used as kitchen backsplash with a white cabinet combination to make your kitchen more stylish.  
  • Counter tops – Black marble counter tops with backsplash make a kitchen look very chic.  
  • Wall Cladding – Whole wall cladding with black marbles or black marble tiles makes a kitchen luxurious. 
  • Kitchen Island – Black kitchen island makes an extra glory in any kitchen. Black kitchen islands fit with any type of kitchen cabinet. 

 In Bathrooms 

Black marbles or black marble tiles are very useful for bathroom beautification. There’re huge ways you can use black marble slabs or black marble tiles in your bathrooms.  
  • Wall Cladding – Black marble wall with several combinations like wooden slab floor makes your bathroom look gorgeous. 
  • Bathroom Flooring – You can use black marble for bathroom flooring with other color combinations, especially white looks great. 
  • Black Bathroom Tub – Black marble tub that matches the wall and flooring is a very luxurious choice for your bathroom. 
  • Vanity or Cabinet – Black marble vanity or floating cabinet with white wall texture improve your bathroom’s overall ambiance. 
  • Black Marble Sink – A black marble sink gives your bathroom a refined touch. 

In Stairs

You can use black marble slabs to make a floating staircase in your home. Make sure you choose a matching wall combination for your staircase. 

In Fireplaces

You can use black marbles to clad your fireplaces. Black marbles make your fireplaces look very sophisticated. Black marble fits all types of fireplaces - working and non-working fireplaces. Black marble non-working fireplaces give an extra elegance to your living rooms. 

In Side Tables 

Black marbles can be used for making side tables and benches. It’s an adding feature for making your space more stylish and beautiful. 

You can choose several more black marble items such as lamps, stools, small sculptures for making your house more gorgeous and luxurious. 
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