Best places where we can use granite tiles

Posted by Admin on 9/29/2020 to Guide for Granite Tile
Best places where we can use granite tiles

Granite is the material formed from indigenous rocks. Granite tiles are famous for their physical properties, such as look, strength, and design. It comes in various textures and colour ranges from which you can choose from. The key factors for choosing granite tiles as the flooring are endless.

Granite Tiles in Kitchen

You can use granite tiles for your kitchen. Granite, for your information, is heat-resistant, has a water absorption capacity of 0%; hence, water-resistant, no amount of stain can damage it, therefore stain resistant. You can choose granite tiles for your kitchen blindfolded. Choose a glazed texture so that the shine of your kitchen remains unchanged.

Granite Tiles in Bathroom

The above-mentioned qualities are not perfect for just the kitchen only. These specifications will suit the bathroom flooring too. Besides, the variant looks that granite tiles have are likely to make your bathroom look like a dazzling place. The place where you are at your most vulnerable self should be comforting. Granite tiles surely will provide you with that look.

Granite Tiles in Staircase

Granite borders for your staircase will be a wise choice. To add some fun and ornamentation to your regular marble staircase, addition of granite tiles would change your decor game. Green shade of glazed tile is what is recommended for your stairs. The combination of white marble with green granite tiles is a majestically rich statement you can have.

Granite Tiles for Counter Top

Granite tiles is a good choice for counter tops but make sure tiles are spaced closely to minimise grout staining. As per own experience you can use tinted grout to achieve a more seamless look as well.You may also use granite slab for counter top and it is the good choice compare to granite tiles.  

Granite Tiles in Living Room

Granite is also a good choice for living room. A wide variety of granite tiles are available in market with great graphic designs and will prefect shoot to your living room.You can choose it as per own choice

These were a few of the places you can add granite tiles to. Hope you liked them.