Best and decorative option in slate tile for wall flooring

Posted by Admin on 7/1/2020 to Guide for slate Tiles
Best and decorative option in slate tile for wall flooring
There are many options in slate tiles are available in market which you may install for both exterior and interior or indoor wall flooring. You may use slate tiles for kitchen wall, bathroom wall, bedroom wall, living room wall, dining room wall, corridor wall, Entry wall, shower area wall and puja room wall flooring. You may find all most all size, pattern and colour like Black, white, grey, red, green, yellow, beige, pink and multi-colour. Here I am listing some of best categories of slate tiles which are the best shoot for your need. 

List of slate tiles for Wall flooring

  • Rough slate wall floor tile - Rough slate wall tile - You may use rough slate wall tiles in both exterior flooring and for interior decorating option. it is prefect shoot with your personality and your space. You may find mingle of color, pattern and size option in market.
  • Split slate wall floor tile – It is the best slate tiles for wall flooring and decorating option. Also you may find color and size option in market. 
  • Honed slate wall tile - Honed slate tiles - It is the best tiles for interior wall flooring option, You may use this tile for multi flooring option in your home like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, corridor and Puja room flooring.
  • Polished slate tiles – for better reflection polished slate tiles are the best option for both exterior and interior wall flooring. You may choose different pattern for different purpose. 
  • Flamed slate wall tile – 
  • Multi-color slate wall tile – To give an extra ordinary and modern look to your floor you may choose multi clour slate tile for your home wall flooring.