Best and Stylish way to use natural slate tile in your home

Posted by Admin on 4/11/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Best and Stylish way to use natural slate tile in your home

Brooding and mysterious, natural slate tiles always add a sense of drama to your home decor. It is a widely popular material amongst many homeowners mainly due to its durability and intriguing texture. Some tile experts also state that this decorative stone is not for the faint-heated and should not be overused in a particular room. Or else it could make the room appear like a crypt. However, there’s no cause of any serious concern. Take a look at these few design queues to add a touch of class and sophistication.

How to use these marvellous looking natural slates into your home decor

For Kitchen Counter tops:

Despite being slightly expensive to the other flooring options in the market, they are a foremost choice for most homeowners for decorating their kitchen counter tops. They are practical and beautiful to withstand spills, drops and even extreme temperature.

Furthermore, the smooth surface makes it perfect for rolling dough bread, pastry, etc. The best option to opt for kitchen counter tops would be natural slate tiles with matte finishes. They will remain timeless and complement all types of colour schemes.

Hallway and Kitchens:

These are two places which get the most amount of foot pressure, along with many rustic undulations. So to hide the multitude of those spills, dirt and other forms of sins; you need a hard wearing flooring option.

Natural slate floor tiles are muted, understated and present an unobtrusive elegance to it. Their durable nature allows them to withstand foot traffic and its heat retaining properties keeps the home warm and cozy during fall.

For Bathrooms:

Believe it or not, but there is always something posh about natural slate that inspires such aesthetic bathrooms/spa rooms. The best option would be to use misty grey shades or even charcoal black shade to bring about a calming environs. If your bathing space gets a lot of light; you can use heavy-duty rough slate to achieve the perfect wet room.

If you so choose you can even mix two different styles of natural slate tile for a serene bathing space. But again don’t overcompensate it or else it may turn your bathroom into a dark Gothic doom room.

For The Perfect Living Room

Slate tiles also are perfect for living room floors and walls. A warming shade of slate grey with contemporary textures brings about a clean, sophisticated and yet modernistic appeal to your living room.

Slate floors and tiled walls (choose different tiles for both) makes the perfect backdrop for your expensive furniture and antiques. And if you wish to complement it more then you can add some slate accessories, picture frames, cake stands, cheeseboards, vases and pots to complete the living room look.


For more impressive home decor ideas with slate floor/wall tiles; you should consult with a reliable tile supplier in the region. Check their product catalogue for quality natural slate options and pick the ones that best match your design concept.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on with it!