Best and Decorative Tiles for Your Kitchen Decor

Posted by Admin on 6/5/2019 to Flooring Guide
Best and Decorative Tiles for Your Kitchen Decor

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your house, and when they are well maintained, they undoubtedly transpire into the favorite part of the house. With so much importance attached to this place, it proves your responsibility to decorate it with your personal touch.

While maintaining its lights and health aspect is pivotal; you should also look to give it a stylish makeover, preferably using quality decorative tiles.

That brings to the million dollar question:- Which decorative tiles work well for kitchen embellishments? Though you will come across lots of wonderful options for your kitchen decor, here’s a list of popular tiles to go for.

Let’s Begin:-

Mosaic Sheets As Your Cookery Wall Tiles

Attractive mosaic sheets add the visual appeal to your kitchen presentation and make it more inviting. Though the universal combination would be a mix of black and white. However, top suppliers of decorative tiles for the kitchen to offer a wide variety of mosaic sheet options to choose.

Here’s a few trending ones:-
  • Calacatta Chiara marble mosaic
  • Chiara Basketweave marble mosaic sheet
  • Chiara Hexagonal marble mosaic sheet
  • Chiara Arabesque marble mosaic sheet
  • Fleur Water Jet marble mosaic sheet
  • Chiara Herringbone marble mosaic sheet

Large Slabs of Granite Tiles

For bold & beautiful kitchens opting for large slabs of granite tiles is also a popular trend these days. However, the trick is not to use it for the entire kitchen, but only in one part of it- somewhat like a feature wall.

Some top granite tile picks include
  • Emerald Pearl Light Granite Tile
  • Black Galaxy premium Granite tile
  • Giallo California Granite Tile
  • Pine Green Granite Tile
  • Verde Maritaca Granite Tile
  • Brainbook Granite Tile

Stone Tiles For A Posh Kitchen Floor

Stone tiles were, are, and will always remain a top pick not just for a kitchen renovation but for full-house refurbishing too. By nature, stone tiles are porous, and when wet can get a tad slippery. But, this can be taken care of by adding a quality stone sealer on every tile slab to make it perfect for your kitchen surface.

Top choices for stone tiles include:-

Each of them exudes a natural glow whenever installed, and that alone itself it what still compels so many homeowners to go for it.

Laser Cut Regular Ceramic Floor Tiles:-

This is softer in comparison to porcelain, but that doesn't make it any less of an option for your kitchen decor. They have impressive wear and tear withstanding properties and can also last for a fair length of time. Furthermore, they are also impervious to common kitchen spills and splashes.

The exciting part here is that they are available in a supernumerary of color and texture combination, are easy to cut (in any preferred geometric shape) and hassle-free to install into your kitchen space.
Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles For A Glass-Like Appearance:-

Blended with sand and clay mixture and prepared using intense heat pressure, porcelain tiles are known for their robustness and resilience.

They are even harder than regular ceramic tiles, and hence prove more than an adequate choice for high-trafficked kitchens. It’s glazed surface emits a glass-like appearance- which you will most certainly appreciate!

You can even opt for other quality porcelain options namely:
  • Basalto dark porcelain slab
  • Calacutta porcelain slab
  • Statuario porcelain slab
  • Bianco porcelain slab
  • Arabescato Statuario porcelain slab

These stand as some of the top tiles for kitchen decor. If you are impressed, then contact a reputed supplier in the region and request for their service quotes.