Best Way to Use Slate Tiles in Home Flooring

Posted by Admin on 6/13/2019 to Guide for slate Tiles
Best Way to Use Slate Tiles in Home Flooring

Everyone knows that slate tiles are impressively durable and aesthetically eye-pleasing. But they are also very practical and can be used in a lot of interesting ways. This post explains to the readers on how to make the best use of slate tiles in your beautiful home. Follow attentively!

Best use of slate tiles in your home

In Interior Flooring

Slate tiles are non-slippery and hard-wearing, and that makes it a top choice for interior flooring options. This applies to even those high-trafficked areas like the entry point, living area corridors, conservatories, kitchens, and even washing rooms.

In Exterior Paving

Due to its non-slippery surface, its ability to withdraw frost and poor weather conditions, it makes a great choice for exterior paving. Some of the top choices for patios, pathways and swimming pool sides are Brazilian slate tiles, black rustic slat tiles, and even Indian multi-colour slate tiles.

In Backsplashes, cladding or wall tiles

You will find a lot of homeowners using slate tiles (strip length) for wall cladding. Furthermore, slate tiles also look stunning as kitchen backsplashes and accent walls.

Fireplace Hearth in the house

Top suppliers offer slate tile slabs in all shapes and sizes. So, taking advantage of that; you can pick the right combination to fabricate a fireplace hearth.

The trick here is always picking the right sized tiles, and so when sorting it, take your time and be clear about the design. Also, remember to fix it with cement to either stone or a concrete base.

In Your Personal Kitchen Worktops

Slate tiles also serve a crucial role in creating fabulous kitchen worktops mainly due to its solid and smoothened surface. In some ways, they bear similarities to marble and granite surface.

Slate Tiles For Window Sills

Slate window sills are very trending, mainly due to its aesthetic appeal and longevity. You can use them both inside and outside, and the best part is you can custom cut it any size you want. One good idea is making the sills have grip grooves to its underside, thus presenting a passage for the water to run-off.

Roof tiling With Slate

This is the ultimate test for any natural stone, and slate being impressive in its water resistance does prove to be a wonderful choice. Furthermore, slate tiles can be split into flat tiles, thus making it an obvious choice for you.

And off-course Slate Walling

Slate walls are also a landscaping preference of many homeowners for their back garden. They look very attractive and being impervious to weather impacts; they can last decades.


These are some exciting ways to use slate tile for your home décor. If you are impressed with the aforementioned ideas, then find a reliable supplier in the region, possibly having a good market reputation and sort out your options.

Look for the ones that are trending and if you get stuck between options, don’t hesitate in asking those experts for guidance. Having heaps of industry awareness, they will be more than happy to find the best options.