Before Selecting Best Marble Flooring Tiles for Your Home

Posted by Admin on 5/8/2019 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Before Selecting Best Marble Flooring Tiles for Your Home

Marble floors are a wonderful investment for your gorgeous home- be it classic or a contemporary. And one of the main reasons why they are a hot pick is due to the supernumerary of options that exist in the market.

From a wealth of colours to litany of shapes and designs to that sheen and classy look- marble is one decorative marvel for many homeowners. However, shopping for the right type of marble tile can be a real pain in the behind. What makes it daunting is each tile is different from one another and hence it can be an ordeal selecting the right one for your home flooring needs.

Some surefire tips to keep in mind when going to select best Marble floor tiles

 Follow closely!

Choose stylish Marble tiles

Considered as a prime choice for its inimitable luxury, marble floor tiles appears like some art of its own. Some tiles will consist of noticeable patterns which will stand out from the rest, while some come with more subtle and less gaining appearance.

One word of advice when sorting out the right style for your marble floor is to decide your decorative requirements. If the existing home decor is minimal, then you can create a wonderful feature floor. In such cases, it is best to opt for heavily patterned marble tiles.

On the contrary, if there are already lots of details in the room -like furniture, decorative show-pieces and even wall painting, then it is best to opt for tiles with minimalist finishes and impressive shine.

Sort Out The Right Shade and Pastern 

Many regard this as the fun part, but it can be just as confusing as selecting the right styled marble tile. The basic logic of working with decorative marble tile colours is picking subtle and light colours like white, cream, grey and peach in areas where you want to create the illusion of more light. And using dark shaped marble tiles in areas where you need to create a more cozy and intimate ambience. You can use this to pick the right shaded tiles for your different rooms.

Chemical Characteristics of Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are natural stones and hence is more porous in nature, and that makes it prone to staining. It is why you should not think of picking polished marbles for your kitchen, bathrooms and even dining rooms. For such areas of the house, a well-sealed honed marble floor is best suited.

Polished marble tiles suit appropriately in living rooms, restrooms and even the study (with low % of the moisture exposure). To help you sort out the right marble tile suppliers to suggest you with the right choice for your home floors.

Note- if you wish to add some natural traction to the floor, then you can fit in small tiles as grouts in-between every one.

Maintenance Of Marble Tiles

Other than these aforementioned aspects, other aspects to check for include the effect of health and its upkeep. Marble, on installation, offers a cold surface and it remains so throughout the year. That makes it so good for places having sweltering summer.

Plus, they are also impressively durable and remains true to its appearance. Other than the regular sweeping, or mopping the floors with water and mild stone cleaners, it doesn’t require much maintenance. So, ask the supplier about tiles which are strong in resistance and longevity.

Note- If going for honed or tumbled surfaces, it could require a sealant to soak up the moisture from the surface. Whereas, if going for glossy surfaces; you would have to wipe and clean it every day to keep it tolerant to scratches and colour fade. To know more about How to clean marble tiles to give natural shine then review our old blog post. 


These are those key aspects to remember when sorting out for best-in-class marble tiles for flooring your homes. Use them when sorting out your options and always make your purchase from a notable tile supplier.