Basic difference between marble and tiles

Posted by Admin on 4/16/2022 to Guide for Marble Tiles
Basic difference between marble and tiles

Today people getting confuse while going to choose stone for their flooring option. As a top natural stone dealer in USA, We always connect with different types of customers having poor knowledge on natural stone and tiles. This is not your fault! Absolutely you are expert in your domain like me.

Come to on topic, Do you know what are the basic difference between marble and tiles? When it comes to knowing the basic difference between marble and tiles a lot of people are not sure as to which stone dose the best for their house. If you’re also unsure about the basic difference then, just follow this blog.

Here we've put up a full overview and comparison of both surface materials to assist you in making the best decision for your home. Understanding the differences can assist you in making the best decision and selecting the best alternative for your needs.

Difference between marble and tiles based on their characteristics:

On the basis of their characteristics I am trying to distinguish between both marble and tiles. Few parameters are as follows:

  1. Composition of Both Marble and tiles - Marble is a 100% natural stone formed by the transformation of calcium carbonate into calcite crystals during the metamorphic crystallization of limestone. Tiles for the floor, on the other hand, are formed of silicates or clay that has been fired at high temperatures.
  2. Return Value of Both Marble and tiles – Marbles are highly durable stone and not only this, they can handle such roughness for a long span of time, for years together.  On the other hand tiles are also durable stone but not for long span of time.
  3. Longevity – Marbles are always the best choice in terms of longevity. The age of tiles floor are mostly 10 to 15 years.
  4. Look of both marble and Tiles – Both marble and tiles are durable but in marble you can find limited option compare to tiles.
  5. Pricing - Tiles are less expensive than marble because tiles are man-made stone and marble is a natural stone that requires expensive mining and extraction techniques for production.
  6. Wastage – Compare to marble tiles are less wastage value while giving appropriate sizes. This is the main reason that marble installation cost is higher because you need to hire expert professional for installation.  
  7. Hardness – This is most important factors that people move towards marble compare to tiles because marble are stronger then tiles. Marble can withstand a wide range of pressure of foot traffic and other constant loading and unloading.
  8. Ease of cleaning – Both marble and tiles are easy to clean but marble have always maintenance cost and need to be seal.

FAQ Related Marble and Tiles

Which is the right option for Bathroom flooring?

Marbles are always a good choice for any flooring option compare to tiles but Marble requires sealing, whereas tiles can be sealed either by oneself or by an installer. Again marble has higher cost compare to tiles so look on your pocket budget and go forward.  

Which is more expensive marble or tile?

Marbles are always more expensive then tiles because marble is a natural stone while tiles are man made stone. 

 Which is better tiles or marble?

the choice between tiles and marble comes down to your specific needs and preferences, as well as your budget. Consider the factors above when making your decision, and choose the option that best meets your needs.