Advantage and Disadvantage of Travertine Tile

Posted by Admin on 11/3/2020 to Travertine Guide
Advantage and Disadvantage of Travertine Tile
Travertine Tile is a natural stone variant just like the granite in your kitchen or the marble in your bathroom that is widely used in various homes today but it have certain advantage and disadvantage of travertine tile over other stones. Travertine tiles are perfect for floors and walls inside the home due to their striking beauty and long durability.

Advantages Travertine Tile

  • The cost of Travertine tiles is poor compare to marble and granite tile. it's about twice the worth of other comparable natural stones like marble and yet has very similar durability.
  • Travertine already looks as if it's been there for an extended time that successfully keep its eternal look. Travertine also comes during a sort of stunning colors and may form various patterns. This makes it much easier to exchange tiles afterword .
  • Travertine tiles are often used for variety of various applications within the home. The tiles anti-slippery surface makes it easy to grip and walk on especially for elders. It's also very resilient against extreme temperatures. That's it's very preferred by customers. 
  • It is ease to cut and shaped during its installation. this enables homeowners to fill small and oddly shaped spaces.

Disadvantages Travertine Tile

  • It is very porous and features a lot of holes. These holes can show some signs of wear and tear and tear after a short time .
  • Like most natural stones, travertine is vulnerable to staining and etching. it's important to use special products to seal and clean the surface. However, the simplest method so as to stop staining is to wash spills as soon as they happen
  • Travertine tiles are sensitivity towards acid. The tile is formed from carbonate and thus reacts negatively to weak acidic foods. this is often why travertine wouldn't be the simplest choice for kitchen countertops.

Travertine tile comes in four basic styles or textures:

  1. Brushed: This travertine variant has a matte (non-reflective) finish due to wire brush treatment.
  2. Honed: Honed travertine is a mixed variant of matte and glossy, that gives a balanced, subtly polished appearance.
  3. Polished: Polished travertine is an eye-catching, Shiny, glossy and sophisticated style.
  4. Tumbled: Tumbled travertine is manufactured to look aged and rustic style. 
Travertine tile is a pitted, mottled texture, layering, and an even, light beige color stone to enhance the look of your interior wall and flooring applications, as well as for exterior pavers and pool copings. You can use travertine tiles in every part of the house where you usually use stone or ceramics, like-  shower floor and walls, area surround tub, bathroom floor and walls, kitchen floor and backsplash, and foyer.

Now the most of people questions whether travertine can be installed in wet locations or not ? As per our knowledge travertine tiles shouldn't used on shower floors because it's less hard compared to marble and it is harder to maintain. If you want to get the look of a porcelain tile then go for a travertine that that looks like porcelain.

To maximise the beauty of the travertine tile, install in places with dry areas, like - backslashes.

FAQ Related to Travertine Tiles

Are Travertine tiles are still popular?

Travertine tiles are still in trends due to natural durability and enduring beauty.  Travertine tiles and pavers are being used in more and more modern construction projects. This natural stone can be utilised inside or outside of any structure because it is so versatile but many people think that travertine is no longer fashionable and a wrong choice these days, which is not true..

What is the age of travertine tiles?

The life of Travertine tiles is approx 100 years and even more with proper care and maintenance. Travertine tiles are the best choice for both interior and exterior flooring work.

Does travertine tile floor hard or break easily?

It is true that Travertine tiles are softer than marble granite porcelain and other stone but it is also strong and less likely to break. Today Travertine tiles are also a good and affordable choice for flooring option.