2022 Trending colours of Slate Tiles

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2022 Trending colours of Slate Tiles

Slate is a common natural stone that may be used both outdoors and indoors. Slate floor tiles are made from slate stone, which is a sedimentary rock made mostly of clay and volcanic ash. The natural occurrence and quantity of such material are its biggest advantages, making it the material of choice for many.

It can be used for wall cladding, flooring, kitchen counters, kitchen Backsplash, fire hearths, planters, and furniture, among other things. It has all of the characteristics of a natural stone, such as being both non-porous and attractive to the eye. Its other best quality is that it also doesn't split, so it's perfect for your space.

Top Seven Colours Which are prefect shoot for Your Space 

Brazilian Multi-colour Cleft Tiles 

Colours range from deep copper and red tones to cooler blue, green, and yellow accents on this partially calibrated slate. The tiles have a softly riven surface that adds texture to the tile. These Brazilian Multicolor Slate Tiles feature a smooth surface and uniform thickness and are calibrated for quick and easy installation. They have a 3/8" thickness and are inherently slip-resistant, making them ideal for use in both domestic and commercial settings such as wall cladding, kitchens, and living rooms. 

Montauk Blue Cleft Slate Tiles 

 Blue slate tile is available in gauged and gauged/honed finishes, as well as in a variety of sizes, and features. Cool, understated navy blues and soft grey are the different shades available. Even in locations with temperatures below freezing, this blue-grey slate can be used to great advantage both indoors and out. This elegant design is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings.

Ostrich Grey Slate Tiles 

The Ostrich Grey Honed Field Tile is made from Grade 1 Quartzite Slate and is the perfect fashionable accent for your home decor. The metallic grey sheen on each tile adds to the overall aesthetic of your home or office. Kitchens, baths, walls, and backsplashes are all good candidates for this tile. It is also recommended for commercial uses as it meets or exceeds ADA (Americans with Act) Guidelines. It is extremely skid-resistant, frost resistant and hence is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, residential and commercial applications.

Indian French Vanilla Cleft Slate Tile 

The beige slate known as French Vanilla Slate is quarried in India. Building stone, roofing, flagstone, pool coping, sills, ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor, paving, and other design projects all benefit from this stone. Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Weatheredge, etc., finishes are available for French Vanilla Slate.

The colour of the French Vanilla Limestone is a mix of tan and honey brown. You will fall in love with French Vanilla Limestone if you are seeking an elegant and distinctive hue for your home or a commercial project that will leave people speechless with its originality.

Autumn Slate Mosaic 

Autumn Slate tiles are rich multicoloured tiles from India that are available in a variety of compositions and sizes for both indoor and exterior design projects. Outdoor use, including walls, showers, flooring, and other design aspects, is suggested in places without freezing temperatures, as are all interior uses, including walls, showers, flooring, and other design features. 

California Gold Slate Mosaic 

California Gold Slate is a beautiful, textured slate with stunning green and gold hues. It is also available in dark neutral slate with brown, grey, blue, beige, etc., hues. This eye-catching slate looks great both inside and out and is ideal for flooring and wall features in both residential and commercial buildings. It has a rustic texture and a classic feel about it making it suitable for classic outdoors. 

Copper Slate Mosaic 

Copper slate is a dark slate that is mined in India. This stone is particularly well suited to construction, ornamental, and other design tasks.

The stone's wild and charismatic character comes with its irregular design. You'll never find two marble tiles that are exactly alike, making them completely unique to your home.

Slate tile has been promoted due to its widespread availability and ease of installation on both outdoor and internal flooring. Slate, unlike ceramic and porcelain tile, does not require a costly tile bond and may be installed with just mortar. 

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