4 Fabulous Alternatives to Hardwood Floor Tiles for USA Home Owners

Posted by Admin on 6/10/2019 to Flooring Guide
 4 Fabulous Alternatives to Hardwood Floor Tiles for USA Home Owners

In matters of selecting appropriate flooring options for your USA homes; you will come across plenty of options. However, the steamy climate makes it in-congenial for solid wooden floors, thus making it a less than ideal option. Furthermore; you also will have to tackle other issues like termite infestation or hardwood floor cracking, shrinking or warping.

As opposed to hardwood flooring options, there are some worthy alternatives that you can go for instead. And this post, fortunately, explains all those trending options.

Follow closely.

Royale White/ Vanilla Porcelain Tiles

These tiles exude sleek style and being polished; they present a contemporary feel to the interior décor. As for the complementing it, these tiles blend wonderfully with wooden tones, oatmeal and putty, or high gloss white tones. Its polished surfaces and its premium quality imply that they will prove to be a great inclusion to living rooms, bedrooms and even the study.

Montauk Blue Tiles (Brazilian Gray Cleft Tiles)

Another perennial favourite of many homeowners in the USA (apart from hardwood floors) is natural stone tiles. And when speaking about natural floor tiles, Montauk blue Slate tiles (Brazilian Gray Cleft tile) is a big favourite.

They are gorgeous to look, highly invulnerable to the antics of children and cool to the touch. They can also last a good length of time and requires very little maintenance too. Perhaps the only thing you need to keep in mind is not letting spills or moisture stay over the surface for a long time. You should use a clean mopping cloth to wipe it clean immediately, or it may reduce its functionality.

Montauk blue tiles are slightly expensive to other flooring options. But being a natural stone, it makes no surprise. However, do consult with a tiling professional as it may require an extra sealant depending on the stability of the existing surface. These experts will explain the floor condition and fit them as you desire.

Imperial Red Granite Floor Tiles

Granite floor tiles are the bedrock for the majority of flooring requirements. They are durable and very rarely develop scratches or stains. One predominantly popular option is the Imperial Red Granite floor tile. They are stunning in appearance and perfect for areas getting high-traffic consistently- like hallways, kitchens, entryways and even the bedroom. Other popular options include the Black Galaxy premium Granite tile and Emerald Pearl light Granite tile.

Lastly Vinyl Tiles

However, for some homeowners the allure of hardwood floors is too much to let go. If that is the case with you; then you should opt for vinyl floor tiles (giving out the look of hardwood floors) which come in interlinking squares. They are perfect for areas getting lots of water or moisture exposure. And, they are also great in countering stains and scratches.

Wrap Up:-

So, these are some quality hardwood floor variants that you can use without hesitation for a masterful interior floor revamp. Each of these options is radically selling in the market, so find a trustworthy tile supplier in the region and convey your requirements.

They will be more than willing to help you out.